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Sokanu let’s you create psychometric job postings that are available to over 500,000 potential candidates.

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How It Works

Sokanu is a career exploration site with millions of visitors each month. When you create a job, we advertise that job on one our many career pages as well as our jobs page.

What makes Sokanu special is that at our core, we are a career test that measures over 100 facets of every individual. What that means for employers is that job applicants take an assessment that let's us use industry leading psychometric science to predict who will actually be a good fit for your posted role.

The best part? You only pay for candidates who are a good match.

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A Different Kind of Resume

Sokanu gives employers not just a resume but what we call a psychume. The psychume for every job candidate gives you a deep understand of what makes them tick. Curious what a psychume looks like?

Presenting the Psychume

Get started in minutes.

Our job matching technology is complicated. Posting a job is not.

We have made it incredibly easy to post a job and start collecting quality applicants. All you have to do is tell us a bit about the position and choose a fingerprint* that most closely matches your needs. That's it.

*A fingerprint is a kind of an archetype for the type of person that would excel at the job.

Sophisticated science made simple.

Sokanu was built from the ground up from a team of leading career psychologists and psychometric assessment technitions. We have built the most predictive and sophisticated career test on the planet.

Every Sokanu user is measured on about 100 traits across 5 major dimensions: interests (e.g., interest in the arts), personality (e.g., leaderhship or independence), preferences (e.g., preference for analytical work) , needs (e.g., need for supportive supporvisors), and values (e.g., innovation). We use this data to develop a unique psychometric profile for every candidate which we can match against a catalog of career fingerprints. To promote equal employment goals, we monitor and publish how our test discriminates across age, gender, and ethnic groups.

Our assessment highlights how candidates match against a job as well as where they are defficient. This level of detail makes sokanu better at predicting on job performance than most traditional hiring methods.

Predictive Ability of On-Job Performance*

*Measured as correlation with on-job performance.
Source: Sokanu validation studies, Hunter & Schmidt - The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings.

Pay only for qualified candidates.


per qualified candidate
Up to maximum of $500/job/month

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to job candidates. That is why posting a job is completely free. We only charge for qualified job candidates.

Every applicant you receive is designated one of three ratings: yes, maybe, and no. Sokanu looks at a combination of education, work history, and over 100 personality measures to determine who would be a good fit. Less than one-third of candidates are deemed to be qualified.

You pay $10 for candidates we predict will be good personality fits, up to a maximum of $500 per month per job. It’s as simple as that.